Monday, May 19, 2008

Next to come-

As soon as I can I will post a few photos from the Bentley Family Reunion which was last Saturday at Burns Park. Check back in a day or two.....

Series....Part 3

Our grandson, Eliot, has just celebrated his birthday. On May 16th he was 2 years old. Last year he and his mom celebrated birthday #1 while still living in Guatemala. What a wonderful thing that they were able to throw a "very American" Backyardigan Birthday Party at their home in St. Louis. It will be 2 years ago on May 31st that we found out Eliot would be ours, and 1 year ago on May 31st that the courts in Guatemala stamped "completed" on Eliot's file and began to finalize the details to bring him home. That day will be celebrated in our hearts as well. Then July 9th will mark his one year anniversary of coming HOME.
God is so good. To see more of the birthday party, and their story you can go to


Series...Part 2

Somehow I have lost my option of fonts, so please don't let the same format come across as boring....

Just to let you know Uncle Fred has just undergone a procedure to have his pacemaker replaced. Kevin and Teresa tell me that all went well and they expect this new pacemaker to be able to help regulate his heartbeat better and that of course will help improve his overall health. He was in the hospital for a couple of days, but is home now and all seems to be going well.

We love you, Uncle Fred and we really missed you and Aunt Ann at the family reunion last Saturday.


Many of you know by now, but for those of you who don't, Ike has been assigned to the United Methodist Church of Marianna, AR. This is a full-time charge, and yes, it means we will be moving to Marianna. We are all still in the "thinking it through" stage, but at long last, after 8 years of working toward this goal, Ike has given notice as his job at the Health Dept, and will be officially in full time ministry as of June 25th. We are really sad to leave the wonderful people of Graham Chapel in Conway, and Mt. Carmel in Vilonia, but are very happy to be making that step into a full-time charge.

Details are still in the works, but for now the plan is that we will be moving Ike into the parsonage in Marianna on June 25th, and I will be staying through the weeks at our home in NLR, continuing to work at my job here in Little Rock through the summer, and of course heading to Marianna for the weekends to join Ike in the church services and activities. As I make my move to Marianna, we will be leaving Amanda in charge of things here on Harper Lane. As I said details are still being thought through, but I wanted to share our good news with you all.

Keep us in your prayers as many changes are in store for all of us...