Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Update on the Dearmond Family

-We are living in Patuxent River, Maryland where Tony is stationed for the next couple of years. It is about 2 hours from D.C. as well as Baltimore!

-Madison Grace celebrated her 2nd Birthday in March! We were able to throw her a BIG party at her Papa and Nana’s house…it was LOTS of fun! She has lots to say these days and loves to help Mommy cook! She likes to sing and dance and be very LOUD!

-Bentley Alexander will be 6 months old June 8th! He is growing super fast and loves his Oatmeal and Baby food now! He spends a lot of his time in his Jumpy and swing! He also likes to talk a lot and laughs at just about everything! He is a very happy baby!

-Both of the kids LOVE the outdoors, so we spend a lot of time playing outside!

-We recently added a dog to our family! Her name is Abby and she is a 2 ½ year old St. Bernard! We love her very much and she is an AWESOME dog!

-The whole family will be coming to visit at the end of July while Aunt Linda and Uncle Bruce will be in town. Hopefully we will be able to see everyone in NLR!

Lots of thanks to Kristen for this post!!