Saturday, September 5, 2009


SEPTEMER 19TH 10:00am - 4:00pm


Bring a dish (or two) and join us.

Reminder to all: We want to celebrate that Mammaw B will have her 99th birthday in October!! We have such a great family. Please come for lunch and plan to stick around for the afternoon and enoy our time together.

So sorry.....I'm behind again.

I get these bursts of motiviation and inspiration and do good with this blog for a while and then fall into my old ways and don't keep up at all. Please bear with me.

Back in the spring I had an e-mail from Tanya with photos of Jimmy in his senior year and I just never did get them on the blog. For that I offer my apologies. I have since gotten a note from Linda and Bruce with a photo when they were at Mammaw B's this summer. The following are both those entries:

Can you please add these 3 photos of Jimmy to the Bentley Family blog. Jimmy is graduating from South Grand Prairie High School, I just want every one to know how proud of him that I am. Thanks so much.

May 19, 2009

Hi Sandra,
Sure missed seeing you when we were there. Wanted to share with you the picture we took on the swing at Mammaw's and maybe you can share on the Blog. Was so glad your Mother was feeling OK to come to lunch with us. We sure enjoyed our visit.
Love to all,
Bruce & Linda

pictured in photo: Linda, Mammaw B, Reana and Blake