Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorry it has been so long...

As you have read in one of the previous dad has been appointed to a Full Time Pastor position in Marianna, AR. Sorry that we have not yet posted pictures from the reunion or anything else for that matter.

After the family reunion we hit the ground mom and dad made a trip the end of May to go visit Marianna. They were able to meet about a dozen people from the church. Got to "tour" the church, their home, and the church camp my dad will be running. Since the visit there we have been packing like crazy people!!

I am praying that God would bring a wonderful roommate my way soon...I am going to be staying at the house so mom and dad can have it to come back to come time to retire.

Please be praying with us that EVERYTHING having to do with this change would go smoothly.

Love you all!!!